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What Is .NET?
A great explanation of what .NET really is. I've never seen this explained as clearly or succinctly as it is here.

CSS Zen Garden
A fantastic project, showing hundreds of different CSS renderings of the same page. This site really shows what CSS can do for you, and you can look at the source files to see how it's done. It's also great to browse through when you're contemplating a design for a new site and you're stuck for ideas.

Ten Best Intranets of 2002
"This year's winning intranet designs emphasized integrated support of international offices, long development times (two years on average), one-stop start-up screens and single sign-in, and usability testing of interfaces for content contributors." It was very nice to see that two of the companies were headquartered in Australia (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and Lonely Planet Publications).

Dive into Accessibility
We all know it's a good idea to make sure our web sites are accessible, don't we? But what does that actually mean, and how do you go about doing it? This web site guides you through the process in an easy-to-follow 30-day course.

Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
This is one of the most famous free books on the web. It was written a while ago, but everything in it still constitutes good advice today.

The Internet Application Workbook
Philip Greenspun's excellent free online textbook about developing web applications.

Diary of a Startup
I've long been a fan of Philip Greenspun's views on programming, the web, photography, and many other things. Sadly, the web services company he helped found, ArsDigita, went down the tubes when they tried to bring in Venture Capital to fuel its rapid growth. Eve Andersson has written an interesting account of this roller-coaster ride in her Diary of a Start-Up.


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