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All of the Python programming links that have been featured in CodeCraft are listed below. If you would like to recommend an article, please email me.

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Charming Python
"David looks at four open source development environments for working with Python code on Unix-like operating systems. He evaluates two general-purpose editors/environments and two Python-specific ones, and compares the merits of each."

Python Eggs
Do you want to know anything about Python? This would be a pretty good page to start. It contains dozens and dozens of links, all organised into categories such as Reference, News, Learning Python, Books, People, Development Environments, Tkinter, Windows, Mac, Networking, Databases, etc.

Text Processing in Python
"In a community spirit (and with permission of my publisher), I am making my book in progress available to the Python community. I do this in order to provide a resource to readers--who will certainly become future buyers of my book, once it makes it to the dead trees."

Combining Python and C++
"Python and C++ easily complement each other. Python gives you rapid development and flexibility, C++ gives you speed and industrial strength tools. While there is no standard tool for extending Python with C++, there are many Python wrappers to C++ libraries, particularly GUI toolkits. The developers of these interfaces haven't just given us the wrappings, they have given us the wrappers as well, tools to give any C++ object a Python interface."


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