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Tutorial: Functional Specifications
"Functional specifications (functional specs), in the end, are the blueprint for how you want a particular web project or application to look and work. It details what the finished product will do, how a user will interact with it, and what it will look like. By creating a blueprint of the product first, time and productivity are saved during the development stage because the programmers can program instead of also working out the logic of the user-experience. It will also enable you to manage the expectations of your clients or management, as they will know exactly what to expect."

Software Quotes
Thought-provoking quotes from the world of software development.

The Secret to Software Success
"The Agile Alliance cofounder Martin Fowler believes that traditional software development methodology is fundamentally flawed, and projects based on it are doomed to fail."

Painless Bug Tracking
"At any given time, I can only remember two bugs. If you ask me to remember three, one of them will fall on the floor and get swept under the bed with the dust bunnies, who will eat it."

User Interface Design for Programmers
"A book about designing user interfaces, intended for software developers for whom the whole process is a bit of a mystery. Nine chapters are available on this site. A longer version is available in print from Apress."

Big Macs vs The Naked Chef
"Mystery: why is it that some of the biggest IT consulting companies in the world do the worst work? Why is it that the cool upstart consulting companies start out with a string of spectacular successes, meteoric growth, and rapidly degenerate into mediocrity?"

Priorities Changed
"All too often, they change the priorities and our project gets cancelled, or put on "hold", before it's done. This is frustrating, demoralizing, and wasteful of resources. Ship it before they can stop you! This maximizes the value of your work, and reduces stomach acid, all at the same time."


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