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An Interview with Brian Kernighan
"During the summer of 1999 I had the chance to be a research intern at Bell Labs, the research arm of Lucent Technologies. I dared then to ask Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan for an autograph on their C Book. In the summer of 2000 I went again at Bell Labs for a research stage. This time I boldly ventured to ask Brian Kernighan for an interview for the Romanian computer magazine PC Report Romania, for which I am assistant editor. The interview has appeared in the August issue of the magazine, in Romanian. However, I reckoned that Mr. Kernighan's opinions may make very interesting reading for an English-speaking audience too, so I decided to also release (with his approval) the interview in English. Here it is; enjoy!"

Unmanaged Pointers in C++
"In this excerpt from More Exceptional C++ (Items 20 and 21, drawn from the section on Exception Safety Issues and Techniques), our focus is on a subtle issue related to parameter evaluation, why just using a smart pointer like auto_ptr doesn't entirely solve it, and what to do about it. The issue is subtle, but the analysis and ultimate solution are intriguing and simple, respectively, and something working C++ developers should know about."

Efficient Generic Sorting and Searching in C++
"You thought sorting and searching were oh so 1970ish? Well not quite. This first of a two-part treatment of generic sorting and searching in C++ is in search for a better search. It would appear it's hard to improve on a two-liner, but you can if you think outside the loop. Literally."

Combining Python and C++
"Python and C++ easily complement each other. Python gives you rapid development and flexibility, C++ gives you speed and industrial strength tools. While there is no standard tool for extending Python with C++, there are many Python wrappers to C++ libraries, particularly GUI toolkits. The developers of these interfaces haven't just given us the wrappings, they have given us the wrappers as well, tools to give any C++ object a Python interface."

C and C++: Wedding Bells?
"For several years now, C and C++ have been following roughly parallel but slightly divergent evolutionary paths. Even if you program in only one of C or C++, you should care about this. This article is a summary of what's going on, why you should care, and what might just happen in the future."


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