2002-06: Painless Bug Tracking


The Story of Mel
The story of Mel, an unsung hero of programming lore.


Unmanaged Pointers in C++
"In this excerpt from More Exceptional C++ (Items 20 and 21, drawn from the section on Exception Safety Issues and Techniques), our focus is on a subtle issue related to parameter evaluation, why just using a smart pointer like auto_ptr doesn't entirely solve it, and what to do about it. The issue is subtle, but the analysis and ultimate solution are intriguing and simple, respectively, and something working C++ developers should know about."


Python Eggs
Do you want to know anything about Python? This would be a pretty good page to start. It contains dozens and dozens of links, all organised into categories such as Reference, News, Learning Python, Books, People, Development Environments, Tkinter, Windows, Mac, Networking, Databases, etc.


Home Linux Server
"For less than $1,200, you can build a very capable server with gobs of storage and enough processing horsepower to pull multiple duties serving up a printer queue, web pages, FTP, DHCP, and SAMBA, and more. And, if you've got some old parts to scavenge, and are working within a tight budget, you can still put together a solid server for under $600. So here's how to build out the heart and soul of your home network, the home server. Or, if you've got an old box you're looking to put out to pasture, it can be turned into a serviceable home server with a few spot upgrades."


Painless Bug Tracking
"At any given time, I can only remember two bugs. If you ask me to remember three, one of them will fall on the floor and get swept under the bed with the dust bunnies, who will eat it."


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