2002-05: User Interface


Google Languages
Did you know Google is available in many different languages?


Efficient Generic Sorting and Searching in C++
"You thought sorting and searching were oh so 1970ish? Well not quite. This first of a two-part treatment of generic sorting and searching in C++ is in search for a better search. It would appear it's hard to improve on a two-liner, but you can if you think outside the loop. Literally."


Text Processing in Python
"In a community spirit (and with permission of my publisher), I am making my book in progress available to the Python community. I do this in order to provide a resource to readers--who will certainly become future buyers of my book, once it makes it to the dead trees."


Recursive Make Considered Harmful
"For large UNIX projects, the traditional method of building the project is to use recursive make. On some projects, this results in build times which are unacceptably large, when all you want to do is change one file. In examining the source of the overly long build times, it became evident that a number of apparently unrelated problems combine to produce the delay, but on analysis all have the same root cause."


User Interface Design for Programmers
"A book about designing user interfaces, intended for software developers for whom the whole process is a bit of a mystery. Nine chapters are available on this site. A longer version is available in print from Apress."


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