2002-04: Naked Chef


Things to Say When You're Losing a Technical Argument
"Mr. Bad and Crackmonkey collaborate on a fine Mr. Bad's List. We put together ALL the TECHNOLOGY you ever need to know in order to STUMP your OPPONENT in a technical argument. Use these only when your back is against the wall -- they're definitely desperation tactics."


Combining Python and C++
"Python and C++ easily complement each other. Python gives you rapid development and flexibility, C++ gives you speed and industrial strength tools. While there is no standard tool for extending Python with C++, there are many Python wrappers to C++ libraries, particularly GUI toolkits. The developers of these interfaces haven't just given us the wrappings, they have given us the wrappers as well, tools to give any C++ object a Python interface."

Web Development

Ten Best Intranets of 2002
"This year's winning intranet designs emphasized integrated support of international offices, long development times (two years on average), one-stop start-up screens and single sign-in, and usability testing of interfaces for content contributors." It was very nice to see that two of the companies were headquartered in Australia (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and Lonely Planet Publications).


$#!%% Regular Expressions
"Ask any relatively-experienced *NIX user to list his top ten favorite things about the operating system, and you're almost certain to hear him mutter, somewhere between "99% uptime" and "remote system reboots", the phrase "regular expressions". Ask any relatively-experienced *NIX user to list the ten things he hates most about the operating system, and somewhere between "zombie processes" and "installation", he's sure to spit out the phrase "regular expressions"."


Big Macs vs The Naked Chef
"Mystery: why is it that some of the biggest IT consulting companies in the world do the worst work? Why is it that the cool upstart consulting companies start out with a string of spectacular successes, meteoric growth, and rapidly degenerate into mediocrity?"


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