2002-02: Nygaard and Dijkstra


Caffeinated Soap?
Hmm, Caffeinated Soap? Haven't these people heard of coffee?


Priorities Changed
"All too often, they change the priorities and our project gets cancelled, or put on "hold", before it's done. This is frustrating, demoralizing, and wasteful of resources. Ship it before they can stop you! This maximizes the value of your work, and reduces stomach acid, all at the same time."

Web Development

Diary of a Startup
I've long been a fan of Philip Greenspun's views on programming, the web, photography, and many other things. Sadly, the web services company he helped found, ArsDigita, went down the tubes when they tried to bring in Venture Capital to fuel its rapid growth. Eve Andersson has written an interesting account of this roller-coaster ride in her Diary of a Start-Up.


Penguin Shell
Lockergnome's Penguin Shell newsletter is packed with great info on Linux, including applications, tutorials, tips and tricks, and updates on various distributions.


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