2002-01: Mailing List Revival

Hi. You are receiving this email because at some point in the past, you subscribed to the CodeCraft newsletter at www.topica.com. Please forgive me if you no longer wish to receive it - instructions to unsubscribe are at the end of this message.

The CodeCraft newsletter fell into silence some time ago. I changed jobs and no longer had the time to write the number articles required for a weekly publication. Since then, I've had countless emails from people that stumble across the old web site asking when I'm going to start publishing again.

So I'm now reviving CodeCraft, with a slightly different approach. Instead of filling every issue with my own original content, I'll be providing a short set of links (along with single-paragraph summaries) to web pages of particular interest to programmers. I'll also include pointers to any new articles I write.

The main topics covered will be:

  • Unix/Linux, Windows and web programming environments
  • the C, C++, Java and Python languages
  • development methodologies
  • general programming issues

In short, CodeCraft will be a valuable source of material to help coders stay current and develop their careers.

I now have my own domain name, so CodeCraft will have an accompanying web site at:

I'm gradually posting all my previously-published articles there, and am hoping to have time to write some more soon.

The first issue of CodeCraft will be published in about two weeks, and will continue on a fortnightly schedule.

I hope you decide to stay with us!



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